Delivery time

Your Wijnpaal is custom made, we do not have your custom made wine rack in stock. This means we start producing once we have received your order.

Wijnpaal Clean: 5-10 working days
Wijnpaal Classic: 5-10 working days
Wijnpaal Custom: 15-20 working days
Wijnpaal Champagne: 15-20 working days
Compact Six wine rack: 2-4 working days
Wijnpaal Industrial: 2-4 working days

In December we apply a different delivery time. For a Wijnpaal that is +10 working days on top of the regular delivery.


We can ship to almost every country in the world. If you have provided us with a mobile phone number with your order you will receive a free SMS notification on the morning of delivery, stating the time that you can expect the driver. That way you do not have to fear to miss the driver.

Delivery on saturday

Normally orders are only delivered on working days. In exceptional situations we can make an agreement about delivering your order on a saturday. Please take into account a possibly longer delivery time and possible extra costs. If you want your Wijnpaal delivered on a saturday, please contact us.

Not at home at the time of delivery

Are you not at home at the time of delivery? In that case the driver will leave a letter in your mailbox requesting you to make a new delivery appointment within 5 working days after the initial delivery moment. If you have not contacted the supplier within these 5 days, the supplier will return the Wijnpaal. When the Wijnpaal has been returned, please contact us. We will make sure there is a new delivery. Shipping costs for a new delivery will be charged to the customer, though.

Payments at delivery with the driver

Payment at the moment of delivery, either with a card or cash, is not possible. Payment can only take place through iDeal, Bancontact or through a bank transfer, when placing the order.

Collecting the Wijnpaal yourself

The Wijnpaal is being shipped by us exclusively.

Damage of receipt

In case of damage we advise the receiver to check thoroughly if the damage is limited to the packaging, or that the contents are damaged. The receiver must sign for receipt though, before the shipment can be opened. If there is doubt on the part of the receiver, he or she can always refuse to accept the shipment. If the receiver accepts the shipment with packaging damage the driver is obliged to make a annotation of the damage. If it turns out that not just the packaging is damaged, but the Wijnpaal as well, then please contact us. We will help you to solve the problem.


We work with the reliable transport partners UPS and PyxisTransmission.